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Thank you from the King -- > Jejak Islam dari DEMAK

Oleh dedyaryo - 13 Februari 2009

If the impressions-impressions of Islam in Lombok island, will be found a lot of Masjid-old historical mosque, which was established by the Islamic Waliyullah carrier on the island of Lombok.

Establishment of a mosque in the days of old, of course, have the stories behind the distinctive development processes, which may only be wisdom in a quotation for the Muslims, who are currently running religious fasting. One of the impressions the spread of Islam, there are in Hamlet Sumbek, Muncan Village, Lombok Kopang middle. In this area, there is a mosque, old, or better known by the people around with the name of Masjid sumbek. This mosque was founded around 1792 by TGH M Abdul Gafur Subaikah.There are some series of events that occurred before the development process around the old mosque.

According to literature provided Masnun HM Ali, the fourth generation of descendants of TGH Abdul Gafur, who is now caring for and maintaining Masjid, the land where the mosque is, is a gift from the Children's Court Ajinda, Lombok ruler at that time.

Alkisah, after two years of religious deepen knowledge, the first in Makkatulmukarromah, perform the Hajj and the science of religion in the region Subaikah, act on the sheik Pole, then on to Iraq Baghdad area, to the knowledge Syech Syafii, Tuan Guru who was born in the area of Demak Central Java in 1754, the return to the land of birth.

Arrived in the archipelago, together with his two colleagues, namely Syech Ali and Batu Syech Abdul Gani, met with the leaders of the spreader of Islam, known as the Guardians Walisongo or nine. In the meeting, the Walisongo decided to give to the noble task of spreading Islam to three more areas in Eastern Indonesia. Place task was divided, TGH Abdul Gafur placed in the area of Central Lombok, while Syech Ali is Stone in East Lombok, while Abdul Gani Syech assigned in the area of Sumbawa.

Lombok is estimated to enter the region through the riparian area next to the West, Waliyullah is temporarily domiciled in the region Rembiga Mataram, West Lombok.At a time, the king Anak Agung Ajinda authorities anchor itusedang restless, trying to decipher the meaning of dreams . A night in the king's dream to see the full moon falls bulaj to pangkuannya.

No one person is smart capable menasfirkan dream meanings are. Until one of the governor to suggest the King to call a teacher, namely TGH Abdul Gafur Subaikah or pendant Gafur, as known by the name of the community at that time. King was also called pendant Gafur.

Shortly after meeting the King, the King also explain to the hamlet Gafur about himself, probably because the only hamlet gafur can issue a complete menggayuti marrow King.
Pendant Gafur also to ask the king, who regard the king as possible to the brain need help. King also told about the didapatkannya dream, a dream view to the full moon falls pangkuannya. King also ask about the meaning hamlet Gafur dream tesebut.

The Dream that is then interpreted by Gafur pendant, that the meaning of dreams, and that there is no power that ruled in this island of Lombok, in addition to the King himself.Then and the king and the governor and the present kingdom punggawa clap hands, and feel the happiness that sangat.Dibalik very happy feeling that envelop the environment at that time the kingdom, the king was amazed and curious about science with the height of the pendant Gafur that looks so simple and This unpretentious. The king is also the question sequence pendant Gafur, knowledge about the source from which the pendant Gafur.

Answering the question cecaran King, pendant Gafur also explains in detail about the source of knowledge assets. Science Gafur of the pendant, do not be Instant, but through a long process, starting from the parents of the teacher, the teacher who comes in the form of Alim scholars mebdapatkannya from Waliyullah. Waliyullah also get the knowledge from the Prophets and the Messenger. The mouth of all who have knowledge, comes from one source, that is Allah SWT through intermediaries Alaihassallam angel Gabriel. All questions the wisdom of King dijawabnya, simple, and firm.

Amazed with the answers given Gafur pendant, also approached the King, kissed the hands and the hands pendant Gafur. At the time shake hands with the King Children's magnificent Ajinda, pendant Gafur also say the two-sentence confession, which was then followed by sangRaja.
Before go away, the king ordered the painter kpeda Palace. To perpetuate her pendant Gafur in a painting, and also ordered to the engraver, which correspond to memahatpatung Abdul Gafur figure TGH, TGH Husain and the King himself, who will then be put to the temple area Mayura.

Not only that, the King of the land area of 40 award sikut, covering areas Kopang, Mantang, and Praya, where didaerah Sumbek, Muncan village, founded a mosque, known by the name of Masjid Sumbek. Gafur pendant that died around 1904, and buried in the area around the his mosque.


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